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just checking in with random stuff

I miss you LiveJournal! Gee, things are so different around here. And now the friends list format is changing permanently? That's crazy. I'm definitely going to miss my layout and friends list filters...it's really disappointing, because I dislike the Tumblr-esque endless scrolling format, but I'll try to stick it out.

I'm liking this new updating window though. HTML is the default now? I'd always just used the old way.

The holidays are over, wow. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season so far, whatever you celebrate! This was my first Christmas in a looooong time where I did not work in the retail world, and it was such a huge relief. Relaxing, even, because even the constant bustle of family dinners, get-togethers, shopping trips, baking binges, and other holiday tasks were so enjoyable compared to working at a store at this time of year.

One thing I came to terms with (and decided to try to change) about myself was the fact that I get irrationally upset about trivial little things. I want to be the perfect housewife that runs and decorates her household perfectly, gets dinner on the table at a set time, keeps the house presentable enough for company at any given moment, crafts like I was getting paid for it, attends to life's every detail in a timely manner (like sending out thank you cards, printing and framing photos, etc.) and attends every family and friend event and even hosts her own. All without missing precious moments and documenting them for future generations (something I find myself very concerned about nowadays).

Now, I'm not going to blame Pinterest for this, but it's easy to get carried away into thinking you can, indeed, make everything and do everything.

Logically, I know this will never happen. But somehow I still think I can become that person, and I put myself down when I fall short of this goal. I find myself getting stressed about these things that are really very insignificant. Especially when compared with other things to get upset about. These are moments that I can spend being happy and grateful instead of unreasonably upset. So, that is one of my resolutions this year.

Another one of my resolutions is to update more, but when have we heard that before?! Haha. It will be even harder this year, now that my free time is very much diminished. :)

That's it for now, I guess. The hearing in my left ear is muffled, because I went for an ear cleaning and it hasn't gone back to normal yet. It sucks. I hope this goes away soon!


mass ascension

The annual Balloon Fiesta here is almost over. I haven't gone in years (you have to get up super early, it's freezing, and most of the events end up cancelled anyway because of the weather) but it's still amazing to see the skies crowded with balloons. It's so easy to take for granted the tourist attractions that exist where you live, easy to forget how incredible they really are.

Time-lapsed video of the Mass Ascension at International Balloon Fiesta 2012

star wars amazingness

This is SO AWESOME! All fanmade. The humans are a little wonky, but this is still 100% impressive.

On a related note, I wish good stuff about the old trilogy would happen. I'm a little sick of the Clone Wars era. Star Wars: Detours will be focused on the old stuff, but it seems a little hit or miss. Not that it matters, I will watch it anyway! Is it so hard to spend a little time with the original characters and storylines that got us into the series in the first place? I'd even take some of the expanded universe stuff! Like, come on, introduce the rest of the world to the awesomeness that is Mara Jade, for chrissakes!

aw dc rocks

kaerya! These have been out for a while, but they totally reminded me of you!

I love it, they're so fun. Like others have pointed out, it's great to see some diversity in the characters' body shapes. They have a Powerpuff Girls/My Little Pony: FiM vibe because the same woman (Lauren Faust) worked on all three series. And she's pretty awesome.

two more under hereCollapse )

lalalala la la lalala

"This track always makes me think im in a medieval time just riding through villages n shit greeting people"

LOL. I am such a fan of YouTube comments. XD

For some reason, I hunted down my favorite songs from Cowboy Bebop the other day (most of them from the No Disc album) and just enjoyed. I feel bad for saying this, but I'm not too big a fan of the actual show. I never watched it on Cartoon Network religiously, or felt any connection to the characters, or even watched all of it. I appreciate how awesome it was at the time and all that it did for the medium, but the only nostalgia I feel is for the music. It's gorgeous. I used to listen to that CD all throughout summer school. Just sit out on the track in the heat and get taken somewhere different.

cupcake regret

Aw, I should've made cupcakes like these for the Star Wars party. :( Those lightsaber picks are too cute.


le recap

Crap, I missed the opportunity to make my "last post of the year" entry (and forgot to do one last year?!). Oh well.

Kicking off the recap, we have the Star Wars party from way back in October. IT WAS AWESOME. About ten people showed up at various intervals, but only one guest made it through all fourteen hours of it with us! In retrospect, we should have had a prize for that. XD It was such a blast. I felt so complete that day. The only problem was with the Blu-Ray discs themselves; there was a random "flickering" on screen from light to dark (mostly during the prequel episodes). But other than that, I thought the quality was fine. AUGH, it was so fun, I would totally do it again!

The holidays were cool (besides work. UGH RETAIL DURING CHRISTMAS). I was given Martha Stewart's Pies and Tarts cookbook for Christmas, and I've been wanting to try some of the recipes out. Especially since I've never attempted pies or tarts before. Martha has this way of making you want to try things! And make them look perfectly photograph-able!

And now I'm hoping for a good year. I'm ignoring all the apocalyptic talk because that stuff freaks me out, and I'm going with this:


Let's be wonderful together, 2012. ♥

extreme is everywhere

This is my first time watching Extreme Couponing, and I'm both amazed and inspired. I can't stop saying "This is crazy! This show's crazy!" and then, "I WANT TO DO THAT."

The time-consuming dedication! The stockpiles! The suspense at the register! This is INTENSE stuff. Man. And those poor cashiers, they're troopers. Based on my retail experience, I bet things don't always go so nicely between customer, cashier, and other people in line when the cameras aren't on.

Has anyone ever thought about doing this as a job? It wouldn't be too effective to do it for more than one or two people, but it might work. I see that some of the couponers featured on the show have their own website, or do promotional stuff on twitter and such, so I guess they are kinda getting paid to do it. Or what about doing it for the needy? That's all that keeps popping into my head whenever I see the extreme couponers' over-stuffed homes.

This LearnVest article talks about some of the negative aspects of Extreme Couponing (notably the fact that most coupons are for processed foods) that I didn't really think about.

On a random note, while reading through some files on company procedure at work, I came across a section called "Extreme Urban Greeter." I loled. It sounds like the most interesting job ever or a badly-translated anime title.


holy tooth decay, batman!

This morning, I was awakened by sudden and horrible pain in one of my wisdom teeth. I've known for a while that it's needed to come out, but I always put off things like that, and I eventually pay the price. :( It went away after a few hours, and let me tell you: there is nothing like the sleep that you sleep after chronic pain has finally abated. I had to call in to work and head over to the dentist to get my tooth pulled. They mixed up my file with someone else (!) and they had to inject anesthetic four times (D:) and the power almost went out because of a sudden rainstorm (the lights were flickering as he worked on my mouth) but the darn tooth is FINALLY gone. I solemnly vow that I am never putting off dental work AGAIN. I'm huuuuuuungry though. I can't do the pudding and jell-o and apple sauce for much longer. O__O Despite all of that, I'm so excited! I'm planning a ooh Star Wars font for the release of the complete saga on Blu-Ray next month! I'm working on a playlist now, and still have to work out exactly what we're gonna watch (I would love a marathon but don't know if that'll be workable), what we're gonna eat (Star Wars Cookbook, I'm looking at you), etc. Also, costumes. Any ideas would be appreciated! ...It's safe to say that I'm on a Star Wars kick at the moment. Fair warning.

sight beyond sight!

So I finally watched the new Thundercats show, and all I kept thinking was that Lion-O's character design reminded me of someone...

Lion-O Cloud

I don't know. Their personalities aren't really similar or anything. It's the hair and the one pauldron. I guess.

I liked the show overall, but I found that I missed Snarf saying "SNAAAAAAARF" all the time. And the fact that Lion-O says "Whiskers!" as a sort of cuss word cracks me up. XD



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