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GO FORTH AND DIE - hey, that rhymes!

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and I'm in charge of snacks!
25 March


a million miles away | your signal in the distance
to whom it may concern | I think I lost my way
getting good at starting over | every time that I return

Watching: Bono Bono, Rescue Bots seaeaon 4, Orange is the New Black season 4
Reading: Victory by Susan Cooper
Playing: Super Meat Boy (again)
Listening: nothing really at the moment
Currently addicted to: finding good manga to read

the cheese to my macaroni / subaru_dusk
the frosting on my cupcake cupycakegumdrop
the chocolate chips in my cookie / ryoko_mitsurugi
the rice to my onigiri / kuroisaiyajin
the milk in my chai / merichan
the cheesy crust on my pizza / chimera_myth

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